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Three women sleuths are busy once again, with two mystery adventures. Private Detective Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski and her two partners interview a new client, who’s conveying a thrilling narrative of a horrific murder.

Somebody had murdered his brother, burning him alive.

But, was he telling the whole horrifying story? And…was his brother an innocent victim? These dedicated, women sleuths are intrigued.

I saw a bright reflection in a side window. Looked through it. My wood utility shed was burning. I called out to Jeremy. No response.”

Who is the person responsible for the fires igniting in their small community? Or, are they ignited naturally?

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Coyote Fire’ is a psychological mystery, enticing you to keep turning pages.

T. M. Watson surprised his readers by stirring the plot with a supernatural adventure.

I walked four steps to the open bedroom window. Crickets had ceased their chirping. The valley and the woods beyond, now blanketed with a misty blue stratus. Prisms of bright light throughout the mist reflected beams from the full moon.

…coming from the star-bright heavens. My view was magnificent. My body did not, could not move. And, my senses heard the bone chilling, mystic howl of the coyote.”

.     .     .

T. M. Watson borrowed an idea from a previous novella, “Misty Blue: The Spirit Chronicles.” Although ‘Coyote Fire’ is a stand-alone Kindle short read, you will see these women sleuths do their jobs exceptionally, and, how Dutch has the initial encounter with the supernatural.

Get your copy of this psychological, supernatural mystery today.

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