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suspense author, Suspense Author T. M. WatsonHe had no direction in his life, because he wasn’t in control. Sam questioned his identity, who he is and what he’s become.

Gazing at his reflection in the mirror, he had an epiphany. A change. A reinvention.

You wouldn’t recognize him now. He’s stronger, better educated, wiser. And he isn’t alone.

This story is about Sam and his closest friend. They ‘reinvented’ themselves over those years. The whole nine yard makeover. Who would have guessed Sam and Tom run similar businesses? How are they getting rich?

Somebody has to lose. Right?

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suspense author, Suspense Author T. M. WatsonHis fiancé was gunned down in cold blood. He had to get out of there. Leaving the big city of Detroit. The man who killed her was now going to kill Sammy. Hopefully before Sammy took revenge of his own. A hired gun, make that two, are hot on his trail, and Sammy knows it.

He hired a bodyguard.

While coping with all that shit, the former undercover man wondered why his friend and partner, the detective from Detroit Metro, was manipulating him. There has to be an underlying reason. There always was.

Together, Sammy and his bodyguard set out in search of a new life, one for each of them. Hard to do while they’re watching their backs, ready for an imminent attack.

What’s to come of it all?