Romantic Adventure – ‘Unchained Affinity’

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 Romantic Adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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An unlikely couple is on the run, fugitives on a not so much fun, romantic adventure. As their efforts succeeded, so far, escaping the law and the others, the enemy gets closer.

Deanna left home at the age of sixteen to escape the abuse of her drunken parents. But, life on the Detroit streets was eye-opening cruel. She had to adapt to her different life quickly…or, die trying.

She learned a unique, effective manner to defend herself. One old veteran of the streets taught her. And, she carried this means of defense with her for the rest of her life. When she became of legal age, Deanna escaped the big city. Consequently, leaving a trail to be discovered…and, a few dead bodies.

Enter the falsely accused murderer. The man shackled inside an official, unmarked van, being transported to a Federal prison. His life was screwed, all because justice was swift, and, he was railroaded.

But, he was unaware of a meticulously planned rescue. An escape for a chance at freedom. The freedom to run.

This unlikely couple is being pursue by the law. Plus, hunted by hit men, representing an influential, secret society, who want them dead. And, this couple’s flaws become apparent in this romantic thriller.

To what extent does this couple go to disguise themselves? Will they eventually escape their criminal life or go deeper? Regardless of the help they’re offered, who the hell can they trust?

Their eventual goal is to settle down in peace. Think so?

What will the price be to make it happen? 

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A Supernatural Mystery – ‘The Maples’

<a href="<a href="https://ebook cover"> <img src="The Maples home"> </a>/"> <img src="w3c.png" alt="W3C home"> </a>Extraordinary occurrences have the authorities scratching their heads in this supernatural mystery. With no substantial evidence, they’re on the edge, considering, maybe…paranormal activity. But, nothing is said.

Do they finally admit the deaths they’ve investigated are too bizarre to explain? Or, do the authorities accept circumstances as out of their realm of expertise? Science unexplained? A supernatural mystery of sorts?

It is said, outer space is our final frontier. Yet, right beneath our feet, there’s more to be discovered…and studied. Another world resides there. Inside the Earth, living in the delicate topsoil and deeper. Its inhabitants are as varied as the extreme Midwest seasons. Albeit, too overwhelming to count.

Subterranean inhabitants devour and manufacture their own nourishment, surviving together. Coexisting with their own instincts and leave no evidence behind.

Excerpt from ‘The Maples’:

Barnes shoved his plate of food away, looking seriously troubled…almost sick. He was staring down the napkin holder in the center of the table, not moving a muscle, until Jacobs nudged him.

Sheriff? What gives? What did the medical examiner say?”

Um. You folks should finish your breakfast first.”

I’m done,” Jill and Sammy said, in unison.

Me, too,” Jacobs replied.

Okay, I’ll tell you, but I can’t believe it. And, by God, you keep this under wraps!” He hissed. “Is that clear? How the hell this happened to these two fine people, well, how can it be explained?”

Sammy spoke, “C’mon, Sheriff. What the hell?”

. . .

Within itself, nature is a phenomenon, a mystery, so, we don’t know everything. But, for 99 cents, you might find out.

You’ll find “The Maples,” a Kindle eBook, HERE.