Romantic Suspense – ‘Between Heartbeats’

<a href="">   <img src="romantic suspense" alt=""> W3C Home </a>As an honorably discharged, conflicted Army Ranger, he was offered the opportunity for a brand new life. Although, for J. P. Ridley, the offer was stamped with uncertainty. He didn’t plan on romantic suspense.

The conflicts in Afghanistan, fighting terrorism left him with superficial wounds on his body and unforgettable nightmares harbored deep in his soul. And not without reason, a pent-up rage kept them company.

J.P. was back in the United States for barely a few days, before a young woman came walking into his life. Rhonda’s effect brought out all the good in him that he believed was missing for a long time. He never fathomed becoming a romantic.

He settled in the same community as his brother. Struggling with the idea of only settling, he dug in his heels, made plans to build a home and pursued his new career.

Excerpt from ‘Between Heartbeats:

Lying in the prone, tactical shooting position, Dutch’s first shot missed the penny by a half inch. Not bad at all. When I watched her prepare for her second shot, my mind mimicked a slow motion scene in a movie. Her trigger finger moved to fire, the rifle blasted a report echoing across the countryside, the rifle’s recoil jolted, instantly digging deeper into her shoulder and the penny disappeared.

Hell of a shot,” I remarked.

Between heartbeats, J.P.” she replied with a smile.

She bolted open the gun’s chamber and stood to get another instruction from Austin and myself. Mostly about firing long distances in relation to wind direction and elevation. I sincerely hoped she would not have to fire the weapon at all.”

And how does the Department of Homeland Security factor in to J.P.’s story?

And a private detective, too?

Wait! There’s more. There’s also a terribly bad guy associated with terrorists who are planning an attack of astronomical proportions. Their code name, ‘Cadence North.’

New characters have appeared in the fictional, small town of Northbank, Michigan. A small town with events in proportion to a big city.

Yeah. Terrorists can show up anywhere.

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Romantic Adventure – ‘Unchained Affinity’

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 Romantic Adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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An unlikely couple is on the run, fugitives on a not so much fun, romantic adventure. As their efforts succeeded, so far, escaping the law and the others, the enemy gets closer.

Deanna left home at the age of sixteen to escape the abuse of her drunken parents. But, life on the Detroit streets was eye-opening cruel. She had to adapt to her different life quickly…or, die trying.

She learned a unique, effective manner to defend herself. One old veteran of the streets taught her. And, she carried this means of defense with her for the rest of her life. When she became of legal age, Deanna escaped the big city. Consequently, leaving a trail to be discovered…and, a few dead bodies.

Enter the falsely accused murderer. The man shackled inside an official, unmarked van, being transported to a Federal prison. His life was screwed, all because justice was swift, and, he was railroaded.

But, he was unaware of a meticulously planned rescue. An escape for a chance at freedom. The freedom to run.

This unlikely couple is being pursue by the law. Plus, hunted by hit men, representing an influential, secret society, who want them dead. And, this couple’s flaws become apparent in this romantic thriller.

To what extent does this couple go to disguise themselves? Will they eventually escape their criminal life or go deeper? Regardless of the help they’re offered, who the hell can they trust?

Their eventual goal is to settle down in peace. Think so?

What will the price be to make it happen? 

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Crime Action and Romance -Small Town Blondes

<a href="">   <img src="crime action" alt=""> </a>Observe the minds of these attractive blonde thieves in this, sometimes light- heart crime action romance. This is also a romantic suspense story, taking you inside a crime family of pickpockets. You’ll see how they operate.

Witness a crew of beautiful blondes and their circle, as they seize opportunities. Then read how their crimes are executed.

Mike and his brother, Symon, met her in their teen years. They were close to the same age, becoming close friends. The guys saw her lift a man’s wallet from his back pocket, and he was none the wiser.

Taking lessons from a professional pickpocket, learning the art of the steal, they became the best band of thieves in the Midwest.

The next time you’re walking through the mall, department store, the airport or a concert event, please, by all means, feel comfortable among the crowds. Don’t allow anyone to frustrate you. Keep your head down and your eyes glued to the smart phone in your hands.

Disregard where you’re toting those valuables. Your cash. The car keys. You know where they are, anyway. In your pocket. Purse. Shoulder bag or backpack. Exactly where you put them before you left home.

No encounters yet? No distractions in that big crowd?

Don’t worry. We’ll be right with you. All we require are two to three seconds of your time.

Oh? You don’t know how quick that is? Check out the second hand on your watch. Tic – tock…

Oops! Sorry. I didn’t see you there. Are you okay?

Have a safe walk home.”

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