A Cold Blooded Thriller – Imminent Assassins

<a href="https://tmwatson.com/"> <img src="cold blooded thriller" alt="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KFSDR7L"> </a>A cold blooded thriller you will struggle to put down until you’re finished reading.

He is being hunted by relentless hit men, hired by the assassin who desperately want him dead.

Working undercover was Sammy’s job, infiltrating dangerous street gangs, where trafficking money and drugs was rampant. Sammy and his crew were extremely good at what they did.

But, his fiance was gunned down in cold blood. Discovering he was being stalked, Sammy decided to leave the big city behind. He left with a painful, broken heart from his loss.

The man who killed Marci, continued his pursuit. This crime thriller becomes a story of sweet revenge, as Sammy employs a bodyguard. Together, they discover a hired gun, make that two, are hot on his trail. And Sammy knows it.

. . .

Tommy picked up his speed, his adrenaline at full bore. Almost to the window, beads of cold sweat dripping intensely down his face, he raised his weapon to fire…

Stop, asshole!”

That bodyguard dove away from where he sat. Tommy stopped, practically falling over from the shock of someone’s voice. The flu gripped him fully on now, taking away his clear vision he had a moment ago. He rocked back and forth, facing the direction of the commanding voice.

Drop the damn gun, or I’ll drop you. Your choice.” A woman’s voice.

Suddenly, another voice came from behind him. The bodyguard, with a gun in his hand, too. Pointing directly at his chest.

Do what she said, Tommy. It’s over. You do not want to die out here.”

. . .

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Amazon customer review: “This was a story I really enjoyed reading. It certainly kept my attention. Would enjoy reading more by Mr. Watson.”

Crime Action and Romance -Small Town Blondes

<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085B98YQF">   <img src="crime action" alt="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085B98YQF"> </a>Observe the minds of these attractive blonde thieves in this, sometimes light- heart crime action romance. This is also a romantic suspense story, taking you inside a crime family of pickpockets. You’ll see how they operate.

Witness a crew of beautiful blondes and their circle, as they seize opportunities. Then read how their crimes are executed.

Mike and his brother, Symon, met her in their teen years. They were close to the same age, becoming close friends. The guys saw her lift a man’s wallet from his back pocket, and he was none the wiser.

Taking lessons from a professional pickpocket, learning the art of the steal, they became the best band of thieves in the Midwest.

The next time you’re walking through the mall, department store, the airport or a concert event, please, by all means, feel comfortable among the crowds. Don’t allow anyone to frustrate you. Keep your head down and your eyes glued to the smart phone in your hands.

Disregard where you’re toting those valuables. Your cash. The car keys. You know where they are, anyway. In your pocket. Purse. Shoulder bag or backpack. Exactly where you put them before you left home.

No encounters yet? No distractions in that big crowd?

Don’t worry. We’ll be right with you. All we require are two to three seconds of your time.

Oh? You don’t know how quick that is? Check out the second hand on your watch. Tic – tock…

Oops! Sorry. I didn’t see you there. Are you okay?

Have a safe walk home.”

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Women Sleuths – The Northland Detectives

<a href="https://ebook"> <img src="w3c.png" alt="Women sleuths"> </a>Women sleuths, in this freshly organized detective agency, investigate a case of theft. Another case will take them on a kidnapping thriller of a ride.

Private Detective Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski emerges from a reclusive depression from a devastating loss in her life and returned to her detective agency, with the mindset of the investigator she is.

Her partner, Private Detective Beth Ann Spielberg, encouraged her relentlessly to snap from her depression. In a short time, Dutch became herself once again. As she invested more into her detective agency, she employs another investigator, her best friend, Jill Holliday.

The Northland Detectives is founded.

Dutch embarks on a case involving theft and deceit. A precious, invaluable artifact is stolen. She only hopes she doesn’t get shot in the process. While on her way to investigate the case, she’s encountered by a few young thugs

Nice Jeep, sweetheart. Let’s go for a ride.

I could see one punk had a bulge inside his jacket. Don’t know if it was a gun or another type of weapon. No…I’m fairly certain it was a gun. The kid next to him had a bulge, too. Filthy pervert.

You’re not going anywhere,” I replied. “Step aside and you won’t get hurt.”

Who’s gonna get hurt, Girly? It won’t be any of us,” said one of the punks, now behind me.


The two behind me, flanking either side had approached so close I could smell their breath. I knew where they all stood. Instantly and with as much force I could muster, my right heel kicked back and connected in that punk’s crotch. Just as fast, my right foot came down, enabling me to spin and connect my left forearm with the other punk’s jaw.

I heard a crisp ‘snap’, maybe a ‘crack’ and knew I connected with my target. Anyway, they both dropped in agony.”

While Dutch is investigating other things…Private investigators Beth Ann and Jill are busy tracking a suspected murderer, a kidnapping and a case of attempted murder. Whew!

These private detectives will not get discouraged, though. Their investigative talents take over. Their fiery emotions bring you a compelling story with the Northland Detective Agency.

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Psychological Thriller – ‘Sinister Northwoods’

<img src=“https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015NI5U6M” alt=“psychological thriller” title=“tmwatson.com”>SINISTER NORTHWOODS

A psychological thriller, a journey through crime and adventure you will not want to put down. An adventurous journey into the Michigan North woods, to places you would not believe a crime existed.

Instinctively, I pulled my .357 revolver from its holster and placed it on the seat next to me. My eyes scanned side to side, surveying the early morning. If this man is stalking me, I’ll be ready for his advance. How the hell did he get my number?”

Private Detective Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski moved north from the big city. Those four walls were closing in. Once in her new digs, in a small town, she met up and partnered with another private investigator.

When a new client paid cash, the sleuths discovered a sinister presence, unknown to their client. Of course, they accepted their cash payment after they met his request.

Then, they began their own investigation, digging much deeper for an explanation. The consequences pile up while the suspense builds and their discoveries are more than they bargained for..

When Homeland Security became involved, Dutch and her partner wondered if they were in over their heads.

This is one of T.M. Watson‘s most exciting psychological thriller to the publishing date.