A Compelling Crime Thriller – ‘The Reinvented’

In this suspenseful crime thriller, what do you suppose kept Sam up at night?<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08971YN1K"> <img src="crime thriller" alt="amazon.com"> </a>

He questioned his identity, who he is and what he’s become. He had no direction in his life, because he wasn’t in control.

He’s been kicked around, abused, disrespected and used like a doormat.

He paid back borrowed money, with interest to a loan shark. Once the man was paid, the shark’s minions threw him out like yesterday’s trash. Thus, began a turning point in Sam’s miserable life.

Gazing at his reflection in the mirror, he had an epiphany. He anticipated a change. A reinvention. But, a life of crime? Sam hadn’t planned breaking the law on purpose…until now.

Sam is a former steel worker. He’s shy of six foot tall and his weight was a little on the lean side. Yes, that’s the way it WAS.

You wouldn’t recognize him now. He’s stronger, better educated, wiser. And he isn’t alone in his quest for sweet retribution. His old, high school buddy didn’t recognize him. They crossed paths after losing track of one another after graduation.

This story is about Sam and his closest friend. They ‘reinvented’ themselves over those years. The whole nine yard makeover.

Who would have guessed Sam and Tom were operating similar businesses? How are they getting rich?

Somebody has to lose. Right?

T. M. Watson filled the pages so full of suspense, action and sweet retribution, you won’t want to put it down. Find this crime thriller on Amazon. Prepare yourself to stay up tonight.

Deception, Blind Trust – ‘Deep Copper’

<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y66DCZD">   <img src="deception" alt="">Home</a>/">   <img src="w3c.png" alt=""> W3C Home </a>A compelling story of deception, blind trust and a quest for riches a man buried a long time ago. Forget about searching for pirate treasure or stolen art. We’ve all read those books.

Here, we have an ambitious couple settling in Northbank, Michigan, pursuing their dream careers and a peaceful life in the slow lane. Rhonda, a beautician and transplant from California, moved to J.P.’s hometown and began her own business downtown.

Nearby, on Northbank’s Main Street, a thief is breaking into businesses. A relentless thief, leaving no evidence in his wake.

J.P. is enjoying his journalist career, but, it’s not adventurous enough. As an ex-Army Ranger, a writer’s life is too tame for him. That is, until his best friend shows up with a mystery to be solved. A search for riches, hidden from a robbery long past.

A stranger knocks on their door, out of the clear blue, saying he knows of the riches buried nearby and wants to help. A deception or coincidence?

…how did it get there?”

My brother and I had an uncle who worked the copper mines on the Keweenaw Peninsula. During the late eighteen hundreds, that was the place to be if a miner was after the purest copper on Earth. Not much of this copper needed to go through the smelting process, it was so pure.”

So, your uncle buried some of it?”

Exactly. As the story goes, my uncle Robert would visit home sometimes, with containers full of it. After several trips, when he had enough to fill a luggage trunk, he’d fill it with the copper and bury it.”

I’m told it’s buried really, really deep…”

Could there be any surprises? Short answer is…yes.

You should meet these loving characters, visit this small, yet busy Midwest town. However, be warned, and be careful with whom you trust.

You don’t have to dig for ‘Deep Copper’. It’s on Amazon.

Romantic Suspense – ‘Between Heartbeats’

<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7ZTQXX">   <img src="romantic suspense" alt=""> W3C Home </a>As an honorably discharged, conflicted Army Ranger, he was offered the opportunity for a brand new life. Although, for J. P. Ridley, the offer was stamped with uncertainty. He didn’t plan on romantic suspense.

The conflicts in Afghanistan, fighting terrorism left him with superficial wounds on his body and unforgettable nightmares harbored deep in his soul. And not without reason, a pent-up rage kept them company.

J.P. was back in the United States for barely a few days, before a young woman came walking into his life. Rhonda’s effect brought out all the good in him that he believed was missing for a long time. He never fathomed becoming a romantic.

He settled in the same community as his brother. Struggling with the idea of only settling, he dug in his heels, made plans to build a home and pursued his new career.

Excerpt from ‘Between Heartbeats:

Lying in the prone, tactical shooting position, Dutch’s first shot missed the penny by a half inch. Not bad at all. When I watched her prepare for her second shot, my mind mimicked a slow motion scene in a movie. Her trigger finger moved to fire, the rifle blasted a report echoing across the countryside, the rifle’s recoil jolted, instantly digging deeper into her shoulder and the penny disappeared.

Hell of a shot,” I remarked.

Between heartbeats, J.P.” she replied with a smile.

She bolted open the gun’s chamber and stood to get another instruction from Austin and myself. Mostly about firing long distances in relation to wind direction and elevation. I sincerely hoped she would not have to fire the weapon at all.”

And how does the Department of Homeland Security factor in to J.P.’s story?

And a private detective, too?

Wait! There’s more. There’s also a terribly bad guy associated with terrorists who are planning an attack of astronomical proportions. Their code name, ‘Cadence North.’

New characters have appeared in the fictional, small town of Northbank, Michigan. A small town with events in proportion to a big city.

Yeah. Terrorists can show up anywhere.

Get your copy of the romantic suspense, “Between Heartbeats” HERE.

Romantic Adventure – ‘Unchained Affinity’

<a href="https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JVNT52C"> <img src="romantic adventure" alt="tmwatson.com"> </a>

 Romantic Adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

On Sale Now!

An unlikely couple is on the run, fugitives on a not so much fun, romantic adventure. As their efforts succeeded, so far, escaping the law and the others, the enemy gets closer.

Deanna left home at the age of sixteen to escape the abuse of her drunken parents. But, life on the Detroit streets was eye-opening cruel. She had to adapt to her different life quickly…or, die trying.

She learned a unique, effective manner to defend herself. One old veteran of the streets taught her. And, she carried this means of defense with her for the rest of her life. When she became of legal age, Deanna escaped the big city. Consequently, leaving a trail to be discovered…and, a few dead bodies.

Enter the falsely accused murderer. The man shackled inside an official, unmarked van, being transported to a Federal prison. His life was screwed, all because justice was swift, and, he was railroaded.

But, he was unaware of a meticulously planned rescue. An escape for a chance at freedom. The freedom to run.

This unlikely couple is being pursue by the law. Plus, hunted by hit men, representing an influential, secret society, who want them dead. And, this couple’s flaws become apparent in this romantic thriller.

To what extent does this couple go to disguise themselves? Will they eventually escape their criminal life or go deeper? Regardless of the help they’re offered, who the hell can they trust?

Their eventual goal is to settle down in peace. Think so?

What will the price be to make it happen? 

Today, only .99¢