A Supernatural Mystery – Misty Blue: The Spirit Chronicles

supernatural mystery, A Supernatural Mystery – Misty Blue: The Spirit ChroniclesDelving into this supernatural mystery story, the truth behind a two century old Native American Legend is uncovered. A phenomenon possessing its own mind, a conscious and free will.

Enter Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski, the same detective who discovered the legend, encountering the phenomenon personally. Her investigations revealed an attempted murder, a revenge plot, blackmail, small arms trafficking and Russians.

Regardless, Dutch pours herself into her work. It’s the best way for her to pass the time as she anticipates her fiancé’s return. When you put this all together, you end up with an intriguing supernatural mystery. You won’t want to put it down.

There, hovering above the Autumn sumac, was the cloudy, blue misty Spirit. Unlike my past encounters, I could see a pair of eyes looking back. The tanned, weathered face of a Native American held an expression, beckoning me to follow. It wanted to show me something. I could feel it…”

Partnered with her friend, gunsmith and part time deputy sheriff, Austin Riley, the two prove to be a force as they follow clues given to them by none other than the suspects themselves.

T. M. Watson’s compelling, realistic characters find themselves in nearly impossible circumstances inside this supernatural mystery.

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