About the Author

About the Author – T. M. Watson resides in Michigan. The people in the Midwest inspire his fiction writing. Theirabout the author, About the Author toughness, ingenuity, grit and compassion have a presence in his stories. If not for the characters Mr. Watson creates, his fiction novellas wouldn’t exist.

As an independent author, or ‘indie’ as some prefer to say, he enjoys a profound freedom staying with fiction. That is, writing anything that interests him and hopefully, entertain you.

His preferred genre is mystery, thriller and suspense. Lately, he’s including the supernatural in his stories. Paranormal. Science fiction. Detectives, cops and bad guys. Some of these characters, as you will see, are close to his heart.

We interviewed him. Here’s some highlights of the interview.

Why use T. M. Watson rather than your full name?

Personal preference. I think using my first two initials fit a book cover better. Also, as an author like so many others, maybe I’d  get noticed more by using initials.  We’ll see.

If not for fiction novellas and your fictional short stories, what would you write?

‘Giving it some thought, truth is, I probably wouldn’t write with a lot of purpose. I’ve done digital marketing, Web writing and building websites, blogging, article marketing and more. I love telling stories and writing fiction and cannot imagine not writing.

There’s a lifeline serious writers hold close to their hearts, putting more than just words to print. We have to write. We must feel our readers are receiving some satisfaction.’

Of all your characters, do you have favorites?

‘Three female detectives have teamed up in several of my novellas. It’s amusing, the scenes they create when they interact. Private Detective’s Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski, Jill Holliday and Beth Ann Spielberg. ‘Dutch’ is always the protagonist, who keeps the order, flow and pulse of the story, encouraging me. I hope it makes sense.’

Where is your favorite place to write? Do you prefer background music, noise or quiet?

‘Ideally, I prefer peace and quiet. Realistically, the situation isn’t always possible. No particular, strict schedule. I just write when the time feels right. Most evenings, one will find me in my easy chair with a pen and legal pad. My semi and final drafts are on a word processor, laptop, on the dining room table. The views through the windows are spectacular for inspiration.’

Imagine you’re on a deserted island. You can invite five people. Only five. Excluding family. Who would they be?

‘Living or deceased?’

Either, or…

‘Okay. I’d say John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a reputable publisher.’



You’re trying to listen to your favorite music. People are so loud yelling over it, you can’t hear it. They’re disturbing. What song grabs you so much, you can’t let it go?

‘If I could name a dozen songs, the answer would be easy. I’ve always been a fan of the Moody Blues. So, yeah. Any one of their songs.’

How long will you be writing?

‘As long as I am breathing. Writing is one of the best things enhancing my life.’

Anything else we should know about the author?

My wishes for everyone to stay healthy in these trying times. Keep progressing forward, stay educated and keep on reading.