Crime Action and Romance -Small Town Blondes

crime action, Crime Action and Romance -Small Town BlondesObserve the minds of these attractive blonde thieves in this, sometimes light- heart crime action romance. This is also a romantic suspense story, taking you inside a crime family of pickpockets. You’ll see how they operate.

Witness a crew of beautiful blondes and their circle, as they seize opportunities. Then read how their crimes are executed.

Mike and his brother, Symon, met her in their teen years. They were close to the same age, becoming close friends. The guys saw her lift a man’s wallet from his back pocket, and he was none the wiser.

Taking lessons from a professional pickpocket, learning the art of the steal, they became the best band of thieves in the Midwest.

The next time you’re walking through the mall, department store, the airport or a concert event, please, by all means, feel comfortable among the crowds. Don’t allow anyone to frustrate you. Keep your head down and your eyes glued to the smart phone in your hands.

Disregard where you’re toting those valuables. Your cash. The car keys. You know where they are, anyway. In your pocket. Purse. Shoulder bag or backpack. Exactly where you put them before you left home.

No encounters yet? No distractions in that big crowd?

Don’t worry. We’ll be right with you. All we require are two to three seconds of your time.

Oh? You don’t know how quick that is? Check out the second hand on your watch. Tic – tock…

Oops! Sorry. I didn’t see you there. Are you okay?

Have a safe walk home.”

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