Crime Fiction – The Reinvented – A Thriller

crime fiction, Crime Fiction – The Reinvented – A Thriller

This is a crime fiction thriller you will not soon forget…

He had no direction in his life, because he wasn’t in control.

Sam questioned his identity, who he is and what he’s become. Because he wasn’t getting anywhere and with the people, his relatives and his job, he wasn’t moving forward. Hell, he wasn’t respected or appreciated. He’d been kicked around, abused, disrespected and used. A doormat folks walked on and disregarded.

He paid back borrowed money, with interest, to a loan shark, who greedily took his money. Then, the shark’s minions threw him out like yesterday’s trash.

Gazing at his reflection in the mirror, he had an epiphany. About change.

About a reinvention.

Sam is a former steel worker. He’s shy of six foot tall and his weight was a little on the lean side. Yes, that’s the way it WAS.

You wouldn’t recognize him now.

He’s stronger, better educated, wiser. And he isn’t alone.

His old, high school buddy didn’t recognize him. They crossed paths after losing track of one another, going their separate ways.

This crime fiction story is about Sam and his closest friend. They ‘reinvented’ themselves over those years.

The whole nine yard makeover.

Who would have guessed Sam and Tom run similar businesses? How are they getting rich?

Somebody has to lose. Right?


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