Lucifer’s Letter to Mankind

This free short story, Lucifer’s Letter to Mankind, is a work of fiction.

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Lucifer’s Letter to Mankind

Lucifer's letter, Lucifer’s Letter to MankindMy Dear People,

My intention is to reintroduce myself, just in case you forgot about me.

I go by several names. ‘Lucifer’ is my preference but you can call me whatever you want. You cannot offend me or provoke me either way.

Most religions and denominations of Faith claim I am the anti-thesis of everything good. I suppose they’re entitled.

And you can forget about what I really look like. Forget the visual of the burnt little man. I don’t carry a trident and certainly don’t have a pointed tail.

If I looked like that, do you think I’d reveal myself? I was the one who invented ‘vain.’

I am not a serpent. You can’t see me.

When I manifest myself, I appear as one of you. Man is my disguise.

I am a spirit.

You’ll never know I’m here and you’ll not see me coming.

And, if you think I’m the one who transformed the whole world into this chaos and corruption, it simply isn’t true.

I only enabled it.

I am influencing many world powers like Russia and North Korea. I’m in those secret meetings of powerful men, the backrooms in Washington where CEO’s and money determine the Nation’s course.

Nothing like making a deal with the devil.

It’s not my problem. But, it is first class entertainment.

I laugh at the idea of something called exorcism.

Ever since I got my ass burned by some heavenly, righteous words spoken by a priest.

Once, many centuries ago, I insinuated myself inside a person. One who drew attention to himself because of me. Folks mistakenly believe my influence took over his body.

I was driven out and away.

Since then, I know when the exorcist is coming. So…I go for a walk, find another host and go from there.

I take refuge deep within a soul. It’s where my influence manipulates the human spirit.

Get that? Let me explain.

Others see only your outside self. How you act, what you say and do. They familiarize themselves with your behavior.

That’s the side you want them to see. The worldly you. The straight-laced you.

What they don’t see is your free spirit. Where I, Lucifer, reside.

Yes. I am inside your spirit where your every thought, every dream and every sense you desire to experience await.

All. Your. Desires.

Oh, I allow you to do some good. Then my imminent persuasion comes to the surface.

Consider the battle between good and evil. Make the right choices.

Never forget the fact you have a free will.

That advice is not coming from me. It’s been instilled in you by the way you were raised.

Make no mistake, my influence is here to stay.

Well, gotta go. I only wanted to remind you I haven’t gone anyplace.

Sincerely with you,


P. S. Here’s a popular quote you may have heard:

“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist.”

  • Charles Baudelaire

Be advised, I have perfected this trick.