A Psychological Thriller – ‘Sinister Northwoods’

psychological thriller, A Psychological Thriller – ‘Sinister Northwoods’

A psychological thriller, a journey through crime and adventure you will not want to put down. An adventurous journey into the Michigan North woods, to places you would not believe a crime existed.

Instinctively, I pulled my .357 revolver from its holster and placed it on the seat next to me. My eyes scanned side to side, surveying the early morning. If this man is stalking me, I’ll be ready for his advance. How the hell did he get my number?”

Private Detective Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski moved north from the big city. Those four walls were closing in. Once in her new digs, in a small town, she met up and partnered with another private investigator.

When a new client paid cash, the sleuths discovered a sinister presence, unknown to their client. Of course, they accepted their cash payment after they met his request.

Then, they began their own investigation, digging much deeper for an explanation. The consequences pile up while the suspense builds and their discoveries are more than they bargained for..

When Homeland Security became involved, Dutch and her partner wondered if they were in over their heads. Perhaps they were, but, does this little fact stop them?

This is one of T.M. Watson‘s most exciting psychological thriller to the publishing date.


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