Romantic Suspense – ‘Between Heartbeats’

romantic suspense, Romantic Suspense – ‘Between Heartbeats’As an honorably discharged, conflicted Army Ranger, he was offered the opportunity for a brand new life. Although, for J. P. Ridley, the offer was stamped with uncertainty. He didn’t plan on romantic suspense.

The conflicts in Afghanistan, fighting terrorism left him with superficial wounds on his body and unforgettable nightmares harbored deep in his soul. And not without reason, a pent-up rage kept them company.

J.P. was back in the United States for barely a few days, before a young woman came walking into his life. Rhonda’s effect brought out all the good in him that he believed was missing for a long time. He never fathomed becoming a romantic.

He settled in the same community as his brother. Struggling with the idea of only settling, he dug in his heels, made plans to build a home and pursued his new career.

Excerpt from ‘Between Heartbeats:

Lying in the prone, tactical shooting position, Dutch’s first shot missed the penny by a half inch. Not bad at all. When I watched her prepare for her second shot, my mind mimicked a slow motion scene in a movie. Her trigger finger moved to fire, the rifle blasted a report echoing across the countryside, the rifle’s recoil jolted, instantly digging deeper into her shoulder and the penny disappeared.

Hell of a shot,” I remarked.

Between heartbeats, J.P.” she replied with a smile.

She bolted open the gun’s chamber and stood to get another instruction from Austin and myself. Mostly about firing long distances in relation to wind direction and elevation. I sincerely hoped she would not have to fire the weapon at all.”

And how does the Department of Homeland Security factor in to J.P.’s story?

And a private detective, too?

Wait! There’s more. There’s also a terribly bad guy associated with terrorists who are planning an attack of astronomical proportions. Their code name, ‘Cadence North.’

New characters have appeared in the fictional, small town of Northbank, Michigan. A small town with events in proportion to a big city.

Yeah. Terrorists can show up anywhere.

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