Women Sleuths – The Northland Detectives

women sleuths, Women Sleuths – The Northland DetectivesWomen sleuths, in this freshly organized detective agency, investigate a case of theft. Another case will take them on a kidnapping thriller of a ride.

Private Detective Patti ‘Dutch’ Smallinski emerges from a reclusive depression from a devastating loss in her life and returned to her detective agency, with the mindset of the investigator she is.

Her partner, Private Detective Beth Ann Spielberg, encouraged her relentlessly to snap from her depression. In a short time, Dutch became herself once again. As she invested more into her detective agency, she employs another investigator, her best friend, Jill Holliday.

The Northland Detectives is founded.

Read this excerpt:

Dutch embarks on a case involving theft and deceit. A precious, invaluable artifact is stolen. She only hopes she doesn’t get shot in the process. While on her way to investigate the case, she’s encountered by a few young thugs

Nice Jeep, sweetheart. Let’s go for a ride.

I could see one punk had a bulge inside his jacket. Don’t know if it was a gun or another type of weapon. No…I’m fairly certain it was a gun. The kid next to him had a bulge, too. Filthy pervert.

You’re not going anywhere,” I replied. “Step aside and you won’t get hurt.”

Who’s gonna get hurt, Girly? It won’t be any of us,” said one of the punks, now behind me.


The two behind me, flanking either side had approached so close I could smell their breath. I knew where they all stood. Instantly and with as much force I could muster, my right heel kicked back and connected in that punk’s crotch. Just as fast, my right foot came down, enabling me to spin and connect my left forearm with the other punk’s jaw.

I heard a crisp ‘snap’, maybe a ‘crack’ and knew I connected with my target. Anyway, they both dropped in agony.”

What are her partners doing? 

While Dutch is investigating other things…Private investigators Beth Ann and Jill are busy tracking a suspected murderer, a kidnapping and a case of attempted murder. Whew!

These private detectives will not get discouraged, though. Their investigative talents take over. Their fiery emotions bring you a compelling story with the Northland Detective Agency.

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